Convenient, Affordable House Calls

Relief is only a phone call away. A lice-removal specialist will check for and remove lice infestations in the privacy of clients' homes. Parents will receive important instruction in how to continue the lice-check process, which should be repeated every day for two weeks. Combing is the key!  Clients receive guidance and easy-to-implement steps to ensure the infestation cycle is ended and others are protected. No stigma. No stress. 


Lice Elimination Kits

The kit, included in any treatment, includes non-toxic, pesticide-free, and hypoallergenic solutions that contain no pyrethroids. The kit also includes nit-teriminator combs to provide proven, effective relief from lice and their eggs. Kits may be purchased separately.


Nit-Free Terminator Lice Comb

Proven and effective fine-tooth metal comb. Better than store-bought brands.



Contact:  Amy McConville 


Calling or texting is preferred!

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